In a Bubble of Summer

In a Bubble of Summer

As summer comes to a close on Sunday, September 22, 2019, and Fall/Autumn begins on Monday, September 23, 2019, its all about putting away any cool or bright color wardrobe away. However, living in Miami, Fl. residents don’t experience the different seasons and change of wardrobe just as other parts of the country or world does so. Just as in the fashion culture it is a faux pas to wear white after labor day, it is not an issue here!

The temperature is not only a hot the majority of the time in South Florida, but it is also humid. In the South part of Florida, it probably gets cooler to cold briefly from November to March. That is because the climate is always tropical.

My backyard is basically the beach, yet I barely take advantage of it. So during labor day, I decided to soak up the sun and get some Vitamin D sunlight ray. I took the advantage of killing two birds with one stone as they say, and absorbed some sun, shoot some cultivated content as well as rock my white ribbed swimsuit from Forever 21 during Labor day!


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