What’s in Your Beach Bag?

What’s in Your Beach Bag?

I’m slowly transitioning my beauty products all to Cruelty-Free and understanding the types of products you are using is the first step! Plenty of products on the market contain very harsh ingredients for our body. For example, Sulfate is a salt that forms when sulfuric acid reacts with another chemical. If you suffer from dry scalp and dandruff conditions like myself, Sulfate will dry out not only your hair but also your skin. Instead of moisturizing your skin, it removes the hydration causing flakiness, cracked skin, dry such as a brillo pad and breakage of hair, especially when the hair is chemically processed with color, bleach, relaxer, botox, or keratin. While Sulfate removes dirt and residues, it also strips your own natural oils and makes your hair look very brittle.

Paraben has been proven to promote hair growth and prevent bacteria from forming. According to research, there’s a link that parabens cause breast cancer, given that they have been found in some breast tumors, though the strength of these links remains unclear.

After watching video segments a year ago of animal cruelty and testing of products on them, it alerted me to reflect and think that I needed to take action and be apart of a movement that is enforcing the ban of these type lab experiments. I decided after that moment that it was time to slowly transition my way into purchasing products that are an advocate and label themselves as not only Cruelty-Free but also are focused on cultivating health-conscious ingredients.

Every time I picked a product, I would always turn to the back and look for the bunny label that indicated Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Paraben Free, and Sulfate Free. The eye cream by Farmacy is called Dew it All, which is super amazing and lightweight. I normally apply it on my face every morning after I’ve applied my serum by Ole Henriksen called “The Truth Serum” and the Youth to the People Moisturizer. They all smell amazing and they contained a light scent to no scent at all. They all are super lightweight on the skin and keeps the skin feeling well hydrated!

Therefore, every time I searched for a product that I was interested in purchasing, I would first do my research about its ingredients and verify on crueltyfreekitty.com if there where indeed cruelty-free or tested on animals. This platform allowed me to really seek who or what I apply on myself.

About a month ago, I decided to become a market partner for a brand that stood for what I was looking for, which was the value of the human body as well as the care for the lives of animals, and not just on the emphasis of monetary value! I am proud that I became a market partner for an amazing innovative brand, which has relatively been on the market for only four years! Since, I was searching for products that not only catered to my concerns, I became eager to share with others because it offers options tailored to anyone needs from kids, to women, to men and to pets!

Now that I am a market partner for an awesome haircare brand, called Monat, which was clinically tested by a scientist from Princeton University, I am so ecstatic to share my journey and I anticipate for those who are eager to transform their hair to join me for the ride together!

These products are Vegan, #Parabenfree, #Sulfatefree, and Cruelty-Free!  Are you ready to transform your hair using Non-harsh chemical and healthy products? #marketpartner

Monat Link: dianamarie.mymonat.com

Here are a few questions for me below (copy and paste onto email thread) and once done, be sure to send me an inbox at commeorstyleblogger@gmail.com

Answer these for me:

Thick or thin? 

Coarse or fine? 

Oily or dry? 

At the scalp or whole hair ? 

How often do you wash?

Bleach or chemically treated? 

Split ends? 

Dandruff or psoriasis?

Main concerns? 

What do you want to achieve?

Hot tools or air dry?



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