My Beauty Fridge and How I am now a Proud Brand Ambassador?

My Beauty Fridge and How I am now a Proud Brand Ambassador?

If anyone knows me, then you know that I am obsessed with skincare treatments and anything to transform the beauty of the skin! Ten years ago, I used to never apply skincare products on my face nor did I ever use to hydrate my skin. Back then, I suffered from slightly bad dryness of skin, especially when in the T-zone area where it was always constantly flaky!

I started booking appointments for facials and purchasing products to nourish my skin. Along with hydrating the skin, you must also and always protect the skin with sunscreen lotion whether you’re exposed to sun rays or even lighting! The best level of sunscreen lotion for the face that should be applied, should be SPF 15 and SPF 30.

Once I started hydrating my skin and going regularly to an aesthetician for facials, my skin began to balance and now I am skin combination, which means I am 50/50 dry and oily, in between.
Long story short, I was in the market for a beauty fridge after I came across a few on influencers pages and in the magazines. I began to shop around and everyone I spotted, I didn’t like. I stumbled across Facetory and I immediately fell in love with the style of the fridge and especially the color!

Although it was back-ordered, I decided to place my order and even was even more excited when it was on What is Afterpay?! You’ll love it and thank me later! It’s a merchant’s method of payment with partnered companies to allow shoppers to be able to afford items at a lesser cost without feeling it in the pockets! Well, not so really…It is an easier way for shoppers to purchase items without paying for it all at once but instead paying in 4 installments, bi-weekly debited out of your bank account without having to swipe a credit card and accrue interest! Whoever is the CEO and founder of is a genius!!!

Once I received my Facetory beauty fridge, along with a collection of face masks, I couldn’t help but be obsessed with how light-weight it is and it also contains a top handle easy to transport around for relocation. It included an adapter and keeps your skincare products at a cool temperature. I love the fact that every morning when I wash my face and am about to apply my skincare creams onto my face before I apply my makeup, to feel the coolness to my face, which is refreshing every time!

I was so excited to showcase my beauty fridge on my social media platforms. I created content with the help of my photographer Diana and once I published it, and tagged Facetory, they reached out to me and that’s how I became one proud brand ambassador. Being a brand ambassador is nothing new to me as I was a brand ambassador for Burberry Men’s at Neiman Marcus for 5 years and I was also a style consultant. I enjoy sharing content that others could appreciate and push interest!

If you are in the market for a beauty fridge or even just skincare masks, shop my link
Facetory Beauty Fridge is featured throughout many magazines such as Allure, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Seventeen, BuzzFeed, Nylon, Teen Vogue, and others.

Keep in mind FYI, after using my fridge, always make sure its shut at all times as moisture creates a bit of mildew. So I had to use Clorox wipes to clean, which wasn’t much but remember you are what you wear! xoxo

Brand Ambassador for Facetory! Shop my link now!

Shop my link now!!!


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