Benefits of Pre and Post Workout Intakes

Benefits of Pre and Post Workout Intakes

Pre-workout out supplements are becoming increasingly more popular for intakes prior to any exercise performance. Rumor has it that it could improve one’s fitness as well as boost energy levels. However, experts that they could be dangerous and unnecessary.

We have to mindful and conscious of what we put into our body because yes some supplements out there could be harmful for us! That’s why it is extremely important for us to read the contents on the product and what side affects they may cause. I am no expert, but I could advocate only for the supplements that I intake and the improvements see on myself.

When I signed up to become an ambassador for FNX fitness supplements, I did my research about the contents of the products and the benefits of all of them. Also, I valued the brand’s mission and what it stood for! What do I mean by that, FNX’s vision plan is to supply children in need with a gallon of water every time you place an order, which I loved even more!

The benefits of the Recharge pre-workout booster are as follows: It provides natural energy, endurance, and strength all while maximizing one’s exercise performance!


Natural Energy from green tea, yerba mate, & guarana for energy without the jitters.


The Recharge energy blend has been shown to improve performance, especially endurance.


The Pump and Shred Complex helps you lift heavier and longer. Take your results to the next level.


The pump and shred complex improves oxygen utilization, uptake, and exercise capacity.

No one I’m pretty sure wants or likes the feeling of the jitters! I think the jitters are harmful and an absolute unpleasant feeling! The flavor that I am currently trying is the Cherry one, which is super yummy!

I also use the collagen protein powder, since I was looking for a substitute protein powder other than for muscles, but for boosting my skin’s beauty and health!

The Resilience Collagen Powder has no after taste, which I think is important for me because I don’t enjoy the taste of protein powders. Some have a funny taste and could be unbearable to consume.

The benefits of the Resilience Collagen are as followed:


Amino acids supply joints with protein to regenerate & maintain elasticity.


High solubility & absorption rate for easy digestion. Mixes well into any recipe.


Utilizes 3 grams of L-Leucine which acts like a shuttle for other amino acids.


Helps supply skin cells with the nutrients to maintain firm & elastic skin.

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